Frantic Is Not A Strategy

Someone that I now consider a friend as well as a business co-heart wrote the following post and I just had to repost and share it with you. Linda, has some wonderful information and great tips to help you understand that “Frantic” is not a strategy and not a great place to work from…Enjoy!

Ever meet with someone who was so frantic to get your business that you wanted to bolt from the room?

What many folks don’t realize is that even when trying their best to hide how frantic they are to build a business, others sense it and do their best to avoid being anywhere near.

I know that the economic downturn, lay-off and/or forced “retirement” or buy-outs are practical reasons to be frantic – about everything! But the truth is, our being frantic won’t raise the potential that folks will buy our product or contract our services. In fact, when our antennae pick up frenetic activity, we’re most likely to pretend we don’t see or hear.

Frantic is never a strategy in which we ought to engage. And if we are overly eager to reel in a new customer, then at least let’s be honest about it. Reveal our true motives and give the other the respect they deserve.  They know it anyway so pretending we’re calm, cool & collected is a farce and insult to the intelligence of others.

Here’s some practical tips:

1). Develop a true strategy based on realistic and practical facts
2). Determine the basics – what will it take to keep a roof overhead, gas in the vehicle and food on the table
3). Don’t load the strategy with wants & desires. They will come quickly enough.
4). Determine who’s your most likely client-customer. Develop a profile of her/him. Determine who knows them, where to find them or who in your circle of influence ‘hangs out’ with them.
5). Set out to find the right folks who can get you with the “most likely”. Anything else is time-wasted.
6). Realize that you may need the sale yesterday; but your client is in charge. He/she needs time to make a decision.
7). Put your best forward. Be calm, honest & forthright in your approach – then leave it in the hands of the potential client.
8). Don’t walk too briskly away as if on to the next “kill”. Take time to get to know the prospective client.
9). If he/she says “no” or “not now”; ask who they know. And get them to introduce you to their possibilities.
10).Unless you know the person well, best not to ask “why”.  However, ask questions that will help you improve your approach with the anticipation that what you hear will help you get better & better at what you do.

And remember that by being frantic, the outcome you desire is less likely to happen. So don’t put the “F” word into your strategic plan. And certainly don’t let it be the face (or body language) you present to the next person with whom you sit over coffee.

Warmly. . .

Linda, a recovering frenetic female

Linda is in her own words ” I’m a ‘vintage woman’ traveling well into the 2nd half of the journey. My background is in counseling education & organizational development. Most of the work I’ve done over the years has been in O.D. – program & project development & management, including fund raising as a development officer & a consultant. For a few years, after moving back to home territory to be close to daughters and adorable g’children, I engaged in private practice professional therapeutic intervention. I gave that up after only a few years & now consider myself to be a “recovering professional therapist!” Quite frankly, coaching & mentoring are a whole lot more fun & less stressful as well!”


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