Do You Know Your Own STRENGTH?

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As Whitney Houston made her come back last year one of the songs on her new album is called – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. As I was listening and reading these words, I realized that there have been times, even now, that I don’t know my own STRENGTH. As I recognized this I also realized if I don’t always know my own STRENGTH, then, that means some of my own readers don’t know their own STRENGTH either!

Not just in life, but in business also, we are a strong and resilient people! Strong means – able to bear or endure, able to withstand stress or violence: not easily broken or injured, having or exhibiting moral or intellectual force, endurance, or vigor, and effective or efficient especially in a particular direction: able to accomplish a result. Resilient means – to jump back, rebound, capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture, moving swiftly back, and tending to regain strength or high spirits after weakness or depression.

You can carry out whatever it is you set your mind to if you can just recognize your own STRENGTH, take that all important first step and action, and not allow yourself to lose sight of your passion and dreams. Every time I acknowledge, accept, and believe in my own STRENGTH I accomplish more than I thought I ever could. You can too. God gives us all that we need to move forward, make great and powerful things happen if we just believe in “ALL” that He has given us within!

I’m not saying that the road will always be easy, but I am saying that if you fall you can get back up and start again. As Whitney says in her song “I’m was not built to break”  and neither or you! Enjoy her video from YouTube – Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength and allow the words to truly sink into you and your spirit and see what you’ll be able to do before the end of this year and in next year, both in your business and personally! I challenge you to just take that first step towards your goals, dreams, and passion – Do it for you, you deserve it.

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ABOUT KAREN: Karen, is a Creative Career Expert and owner of Give Yourself Power. She has helped others find their true calling to work at what they love and love what they do. She love it when the light bulb goes off for a client when they realize that with hard work, belief, and the willingness to do their part they CAN do what they love and make an income from it!

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