Surviving Unemployment (via The drunkkenart of living….)

Bridging the conf. call for the April 15, 2009...



My dear friend wrote this post and I wanted to pass this along and share it with you. The information and steps that he posted below can also work for those who are pursuing building their own businesses and transitioning from the cubical world to entrepreneurship. Enjoy!

I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed. I knew it was coming. Planned for it, financially and mentally. While some may think of this as an extended vacation, here are some helpful hints to keep from falling into a slump. (Insert disclaimer here…) Before I start rambling on about diet and exercise let me remind you to consult your health practitioner first before making any changes in your diet and exercise regimens. I’m not a doctor, … Read More

via The drunkkenart of living….

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