12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Quilting and How it Apply to Starting and Succeeding in Business – This will be a three part series

Pieced and Embroidered by Karen Heck in 2009 Picture taken by Richard Heck

Part 1 of 3

I’ve always loved and been fascinated with quilts and once I started quilting it has become a true passion of mine. What I’ve found out is that quilting not only provides me true joy and some frustrations, but when I’m making a creation, it opens me, my mind, and soul up to some new and creative ideas for my “Outside-the-Job Box” Consultant Business. I’ve learned many lessons while quilting that I’ve found can also be applied to my consulting business and to any business. Read below and see what I’ve come up with.

1. My level of knowledge when it came to sewing was non-existence. When my husband purchased a sewing machine for me it was an expensive one and I didn’t know how to sew let along what to do with it. The last time I had sewn anything was when I was in Jr. High and the project didn’t turn out that well.

– In your business if there is something you don’t know, you can learn. By taking classes, going to workshops, reading, doing internet searches, etc. Don’t let not knowing something stop you from doing. There are a lot of things I signed up for in the beginning even though I didn’t know anything about them, but knew I would use them in my business. i.e. Word Press blog, free iContact, Blog Talk Radio, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Trying every item that was suggest to me until I found my fit and it was costly, but I learned what I like and what I don’t.

– When you first get started you will find yourself signing up and trying out everything others suggest until you find your fit and voice, but once you do you’ll be able to let go of a lot of stuff. Might take you a few weeks, a few months, or maybe even a couple of years, but YOU will finally find it. Stick with it. The biggest things is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune like with quilting. You can get a lot of information for free – Newsletters, Teleclasses, Webinars, reading articles, books, etc.

3. I had to learn to ask for help and directions and I still do.

– When in business some of us find it hard for some reason to ask for help and we shouldn’t. I think it’s because, we’re so busy setting ourselves up as experts that we think if we ask for help then that will somehow make us less of an expert and it doesn’t. You’re an expert as soon as you take the step to start your business.

4. I found myself finding a mentor.

– Need to do the same in business. We all need a mentor that we trust, someone that will challenge us, encourage us, someone we can learn from, and speak to us in our voice and style. Be careful who you allow to mentor you, because not everyone is the right fit for you or have your best interest in mind. Just because they fit one person doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

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ABOUT KAREN: Karen, is a Creative Career Expert and owner of Give Yourself Power. She has helped others find their true calling to work at what they love and love what they do. She love it when the light bulb goes off for a client when they realize that with hard work, belief, and the willingness to do their part they CAN do what they love and make an income from it!

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Karen Heck
Creative Career Expert and Owner of Give Yourself Power
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