What Risks are willing to Take?

Face your fears, live your dreams

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Take calculated risks. That is quite different
from being rash. ~George S. Patton

This is important to remember as you prepare to make the change from the cubical world to working at what you love. During this time of fear, concern about the economy, personal strife, and etc., it’s important that you take the calculated risk and not be rash due to all the things I mention earlier. It’s easier said than done, I know, that’s why it’s important to make a plan and stick with it. Don’t fail to plan, because it will help you stay on track!  Only you know what’s in you and what you’re capable of doing. You have to remember that you’re capable of doing more that you think that’s why it’s important to find those who will support you and take the necessary steps towards YOUR goal(s) and true joy.

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ABOUT KAREN: Karen, is a Creative Career Expert and owner of Give Yourself Power. She has helped others find their true calling to work at what they love and love what they do. She love it when the light bulb goes off for a client when they realize that with hard work, belief, and the willingness to do their part they CAN do what they love and make an income from it!

If you’re serious about laying the foundation to starting your own business go towww.giveyourselfpower.com/contact.html to sign up for your free 15 minute intake.

Karen Heck
Creative Career Expert and Owner of Give Yourself Power

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