Vincent van Gogh said: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

We’re hearing about job losses and layoffs everyday and it can be very discouraging, but there is a silver lining in everything that seems so bad.  As I travel and stay in a lot in small towns/cities throughout the country and Canada I see a lot of small/one business owners making it work and helping to keep our country running. I’m reminded how this country was built on small/one business owners (True Entrepreneurs). It’s how we got our start and it’s what will continue to keep this country going. Remember that all large businesses had to start somewhere and most started out small. If they can do it so can you.  Just start small, keep your ideas and determination fresh and you’d be surprise as to where it leads you!

If you’re serious about laying the foundation to starting your own business go to  to sign up for your free 15 minute intake.

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  1. Donna Says:

    I do like small town life and country life. Cool saying from Van Gogh

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