Follow Your Own Bent

Follow your own bent, no matter what people say. ~ Karl Marx

So many people including and especially those closest to you will tell you
to stay where you are because at least you have a job even though you are
miserable. They either love you too much to see you leave the familiar or
they are people who are afraid of taking the necessary steps to get out of
their own miserable situation. Don’t abandon your hopes and dreams
because someone else can not envision them. Start now while you’re sitting
at your cubicle dreaming about leaving your current position: 1. working on
your plans, 2. setting things up,  3. working through your own fears, 4. doing as
much research and paperwork on and for your new career/adventure, and
last, but not least 5. take a step in the direction that you are interested
in by taking a class, tele-course or video course or courses. Remember if
you follow your own bent, not everyone will agree or support you, but that
doesn’t mean it is the wrong thing or time to do it.

If you’re ready to put your ideas into action and/or don’t know where to begin then I’m available to help guide you in the right direction. Go to to sign up for your free 15 minutes intake to see if we are a good fit to work together.


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